Need some feedback on new build

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Aug 30, 2009
SE Ohio
We are building a new house this spring. I was set on a Pacific Energy FP 30. We are close to finalizing everything and the builder mentioned today that they have used a lot of Heatilator Constitution fireplaces. The local stove shop put in a bid that was pretty high For the Pacific Energy. He said he could save me a couple thousand by using the Constitution.

the house is a open concept 1900 sf single story house. Does anyone have any input on the Constitution? should I just Go with the FP 30 or is the Constitution a good unit? Anyone with any experience that can help me out I sure would appreciate your input. I can’t find much real world information on the Heatilator. I want something that is going to heat not just look pretty.
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For me, I do my own research and tell the sales guy exactly what I want. If his price is elevated in order to push something he makes more money on, then I go elsewhere.

Stoves, cars, appliances... Doesn't matter.

Do you have specific specs in mind? Or do you need help with determining what specs to look for?
I’m mainly looking for some feedback on the Heatilator. I can’t find much recently posted about that unit. Most info I see on it are many years old And mostly by people that sell them.

I always have the option of having the builder frame the fireplace opening and install the Pacific Energy unit myself to save a buck also. I’m in the middle of Amish country so no shortage of stove shops. Unfortunately the area has turned into a tourist destination so the prices of things like wood stoves have become very inflated. The quote we have is for the stove shop to install the PE 30. The builder is framing everything. The stove shop quote is just sliding the unit in and running a flexible liner up the chimney.

if I go with the Heatilator the builder will do the complete instal and save me several thousand dollars. With that said saving the money is not worth it to me if the stove is not any good. That’s why I’m asking for some input from actual users. No place locally has one in stock I can actually look at.