Need suggestions on 1000sf mobile home wood stove

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Dec 13, 2017
Hey guys, so me and family sold our house and along with it our buck 91. I loved that stove so freaking much. I completely restored it. Someone had it stored in a abandoned shack for the last 30 years or so. We moved into a single wide mobile home, about 1000sf. It does have an existing fireplace insert that came with the trailer in 95. So I'd have to run a liner through the existing chimney. Does anyone have any good suggestions on wood stoves that qualify for the tax rebate?
Check the zero clearance fireplace's documents. Most prohibit installing an insert in them.
OK, the terms are confusing. An insert goes into a fireplace. Sounds like this is a ZC fireplace. If it is removed and this is a fresh install then you are good as long as clearances and the stove requirements are honored. Mobile installs need to have an outside air connection and the stove needs to be bolted to the floor. A stove in the 2.0 ft range should work. There are several options, depending on the budget and clearance requirements.
I'm almost positive it's a zero clearance. In that case would the piping be to close to the wall and need to be moved? Or could I run a liner through it and angle the black pipe away from the wall as soon as it comes through the ceiling?
The fireplace supports the chimney. It will all need replacement.
Drolet is probably your best bet. The flue system will probably add another $2k. If the stove is for supplemental heat, then the Drolet Deco Nano or Spark II will work. They qualify for the tax credit and mobile home installation. The Drolet Escape 1800 is a bit oversized but it also qualifies.