Need to Identify 80's or 90's Insert

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Jan 30, 2023
New York
I have a house that was built in 1980 and some time thereafter, the fireplace was converted to a propane insert. My estimation (and others who have experienced this insert) is the insert gives off far more flame than modern units. (I'm assuming that somewhere along the line, regulations may have changed to make them burn less fuel?) Anyway, despite my massive propane bill, I love my insert.

I cannot find a nameplate on the unit (though I have not actually taken the unit completely out.)

Question: I have natural gas and would love if there was a way to convert this unit. Any tips on identifying the model, or other information that might help in my search would be great.

(Concession: I would prefer to convert this unit, but I would consider switching to a more modern unit providing the look-and-feel was basically the same and especially the flame itself. Thanks!)




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Dec 2, 2008
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You have a gas log set, not an insert. Without knowing the manufacturer or model, it's impossible to know if it can be converted. Some units are designed to burn LP or NG & are not capable of conversion. Move some of the lava rocks around & see if the rating plate is buried under them. That is the best way to I.D. this appliance. On a separate note, that thing needs servicing. That much soot on the logs looks awful. A stiff bristle paint brush can be used to clean them. You will want to have a vacuum cleaner handy to suck up the excess soot.