Neptune wood stove

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Nov 19, 2011
Western WA
I have an old Neptune woodstove, it came with my sailboat, I replaced it with a propane heater.

It would be ideal for a tiny house, Can anyone tell me what it is worth?
I am not familiar with this wood stove and found it online but to be on the safe side some pictures would be helpful. These stove guys on here can help you better if they can see it.
Got a picture? The value is dependent on the condition and the market. These stoves are popular with the wooden boat crowd.
It was manufactured by the Washington Stove works in Everette Washington. It is a Model 2A and it is complete.
Neptune wood stove Neptune wood stove
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Very nice. If you are patient I could see that selling for around $600 to the right person, maybe even more to an old wooden boat restorer.
Im going to disagree, I think a quick sale should be $600. I think you should be able to get more than that. I know stuff like the cubic mini is made for boats and those are 600 for cheap ones. And they have no stove, just a basic wood stove design with the top with rails. Call me crazy, I think you should be able to get 1000+ from this if you market it right. Jump onto some yacht fb groups out near you and see what happens. And let us know!