New BK Princess. Did I have a chimney fire?

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New Member
Nov 26, 2021
Central Illinois
Haven’t been burning all that long as I’m fairly new. Have a blaze king princess setup. Installed last fall, I mainly only burn on the weekend when I’m around. Burn wood 15 percent or less for the most part moisture content. I always try to get the stove hot when I reload after stove was burning over night. This morning I loaded up the stove, and cracked the door keeping the bypass open and the flames were really rolling. All of a sudden there was more of a hissing noise coming from the black pipe, and the temperature gauge I have mounted in my double wall pipe spiked pretty quickly to over 1000 while the pipe looked like it.had a slight bit of smoke coming out. I shut the bypass and turned the stove down, and that hissing noise lasted about a minute. Temp gauge came down quickly and is sitting pretty. Just wondering if it’s something I did wrong or should be worried about? Maybe I was burning off light deposits?


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
If it sounded like rain or small pellets falling down inside of the stovepipe it could have been creosote burning off inside.

How is the wood being tested? Has it been resplit and tested in the middle of the freshly exposed face of the wood? How much wood has been burned so far?

If it's safe, it wouldn't hurt to go topside and check out the chimney to see what it looks like inside.