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Nov 17, 2005
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I have added a bookmarks feature to the forums - most users (all very soon) will see an option to bookmark individual posts displayed underneath each post.

There are quite a few features of the bookmark add-on, but I'll leave it our users to discover what they are and how to use them - share your findings in this thread. There is a bookmarks link in your drop down profile box - and also some settings in the alerts prefs under the Alert menu.

Here is some quoted material from the author on what this does:

  • To save a bookmark, click the 'Bookmark' link located at the bottom of each thread post or profile post. Each bookmark may include a note to remind yourself as to why you decided to bookmark it in the first place.
  • These bookmarks are displayed on the user's Account page where they may be viewed, edited, or deleted. Each bookmark contains:
    • Optional note to self.
    • Post message snippet which may include thumbnails of any attachments.
    • An overlay with the post message (without attachments), thus removing the need to physically go to the post in question. This overlay is triggered when the note to self or message snippet are clicked.
    • Links to the post author, the post, and the thread or profile it belongs to.
    • Thread name
    • Option to share bookmarks with other members. Shared bookmarks are displayed via a tab on the member profile page.
  • Option to receive an alert whenever a bookmarked post is deleted, edited, merged with another, or moved to a forum which the bookmark creator cannot view. These alert preferences may be set by each member via their Account page.
    Alerts of bookmarked posts which get deleted provide an overlay pop-up of the deleted post contents so you may have one last look at it.
  • Option to display selected bookmarks as a drop-down list for quick access via a navigation tab.
  • Option to organise bookmarks using tags. These tags are then used to filter the bookmark list on the Account page.
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Please note the images here to use the Bookmarks Feature!
The first image shows a post - notice the little "Bookmarks" link at the bottom left hard area of the post.

NEW: Bookmarks Feature

Clicking the Bookmark Link will bring up the screen below. This is where you put a note about this bookmark and other optional info.
NEW: Bookmarks Feature

Once you had added your bookmarks, you can find them under the "Your Bookmarks" link in your personal profile drop down at the top of the page - and other similar screens!
NEW: Bookmarks Feature
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