New chimney - most efficient flue connectors for optimal draft?

BurningIsLove Posted By BurningIsLove, Feb 2, 2006 at 6:03 PM

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    Was there any other threads that addressed using 2x45 degree elbows instead of a single 90 degree elbow thank this one?

    I couldnt find one in the search pages. I am just about to install my new Dutchwest 2479 (large non-cat) and since it's also a new chimney (not yet built), I have several options available since the flue connector is reversible (can do top & rear exit, both 6"):

    1) top exit flue. Go vertical approx 3', 90 degree elbow, 2' double wall connector into the through-wall connector, 90 degree bend into the flue. Standard install

    2) top exit flue. Go vertical approx 2', 45 degree elbow, 2' double-wall connector, 45 degree elbow into through-wall chimney connector, 90 degree turn into the flue

    3) rear exit flue. straight shot out the back of the stove to the chimney connector. But the flue connector reversal could be considered a 90 degree turn.

    I would think #2 and #3 would be the most efficient for draft and keeping the back wall cooler. Does #2 or #3 draft significantly better/worse than the other? I found both schools of thought on the FAQs. The only other difference I could find was the minimum clearances required. Option #2 requires 16" of clearance to the back wall, #3 requires 13". But I'd rather have a larger clearance and a better draft since Im concerned that this stove really needed an 8" flue connector.

    Im leaning towards Option #2 for better draft, Option #3 for child (and drunken adult) safety and less clearance required. Thoughts?
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