New Echo CD-620p to replace the late, lamented Stihl 361

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Feb 2, 2008
I posted a while back asking for suggestions in replacing my now defunct Stihl 361. That appeared here:

After some delays (mother broke hip, my arthritis went into overdrive) I finally got out and picked up an Echo CS-620p with 20 inch bar.

Compare and contrast after tow tanks of fuel:
The Echo seems to have a bit more torque right where I need it most. It is not dramatic, but is noticeable.
I have no measurements, but the fuel tank in the Echo seems to be every bit as large as the 361, but it does not last quite as long. I used to wonder if that blasted Stihl was EVER going to run out of gas! I needed the break! But I could be mistaken - it is just a perception at this point.
Vibration is lower in the Echo. I suspect that is true generally for new saws vs. saws built 20 years ago.
The BIG DIFFERENCE!!! The Echo is much better balanced in my hands. I never once picked up the 361 without it feeling awkward, particularly making horizontal (felling) cuts. I am far less fatigued after bucking a cord or so than I would have been with the 361, and the one tree I felled could not have felt more natural.

Thank you for all the suggestions and help!
I was in the same position as you - my 60cc saw went down. It was a Shindaiwa 575. I liked it. But getting parts was going to be a problem. It wasn't flashy or torquey but super reliable. So, I was considering Echo (they bought out Shindaiwa). I wanted an Echo 620 but I kept seeing new Echo 590s for sale on Craigslist.

I guess people buy them but don't use them, which results in them selling them. So, I bought 2 new Echo 590s for $600 which is cheaper than one pro 60cc saw. So far so good. They are similar to the Shindaiwa - predictable, always start, & good low end. It is nice to have 2 saws with sharp chains.

I have to drive for firewood, and I like to process 1-2 cords at a time. If I hit something like gravel/nail I can grab the other saw. These saws aren't as good as some of the 60 cc pro saws but they are good enough to get the job done. Good luck with your new cs-620.
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I bought 2 new Echo 590s for $600
I would have taken that deal as well. I watched ads a long time here and never saw even one offered.

I looked hard at the 590, and I am about 60% sure it would do what I wanted. But I was 95% sure of the 690, and so far I am not regretting the extra $100.

jotul8e2, You might want to consider using rubber o-rings around the air filter to keep stuff out. It is a weak spot on the cs620 & cs590. There is a kit. I just bought a $5 box of o-rings and used those o-rings.​


You might want to consider using rubber o-rings around the air filter to keep stuff out. It is a weak spot on the cs620 & cs590. There is a kit. I just bought a $5 box of o-rings and used those o-rings.​

Thank you for your concern. I had seen that video as well. It does seem a reasonable and simple modification.

On that topic, one thing I do notice is that far, far less sawdust seems to be directed to the filter box in the Echo than in my old Stihl 361.
A wisp of grease on the oring too...

the 590/620 is a nice bucking saw. It doesn't handle or perform in a limbing application even in the same universe as the 361.

it's rubber antivibe is average, but is no comparison to a modern pro saw. Many old saws are at least as good or better. Everyone has a different sensitivity to vibes. I prefer the 361 vibes to the 590. I definitely prefer the 361 power and handling.

it's air filtration sucks and the filter gets dirty fast. It sucks fines like crazy without the o-ring/grease fix. Echo should fix that! My 590 is a 2015? model. I'm surprised and disappointed that they haven't done something about that. Sad.

I have a 590 and like it quite a bit, even though it may not sound like it, lol. But make no mistake, it isn't a pro saw. The shortcomings of the 590 are present in the 620 too, so there's a reason it is cheaper than a "pro" saw.
I have an Echo CS750 EVL I bought around 1980. Not light, not fancy, but has cut a lot of wood, milled a fair bit, and is the only saw I have that usually starts on the first or second pull even after sitting for the winter. The only real weak link on it is the crappy air filter.

A few years ago I bought a 501p which I also like, but I find that the same guy is still in charge of designing the air filters.

Anyway, the point of this post is to recommend using Vaseline for a filter sealer (in addition to o-rings or whatever else works). I have a toothpaste type tube of it which is easy to keep with the saw stuff and doesn't leak if it gets too hot. Nice thing about the Vaseline is if you're interacting with it you don't need to clean your hands, just rub it in or condition your gloves with it. And it doesn't give your sandwich that "lithium 12 hydroxysterate" smell when you stop to eat lunch.

Old dirt biker trick for really dusty conditions is to put a thin film of grease (again, Vaseline is the friendlier alternative} on all the interior surfaces of the air box. Any dust that sticks to that isn't able to help plug up the air filter. Works on chainsaw filter lids too (especially my Echos with the apparently trademark less than ideal filters).

I have Bevis and Butthead echoing in my brain at this point: "He he, he said Vaseline!" Let's see how creative the replies get from here!
I bought a 620p two years…nope 4 years ago (where did the time go). For the sole purpose of needing something to drop two 24” pines growing over the house. The ms180 would have dropped them but I didn’t want to be playing around with it dealing with trees leaning over the house. Long story short the saw paid for itself on the first tree. Since then I’ve endured various ribbing from the 362 owners at work…until we all set up on the same log to buck. I’m not gonna say the echo won but I wouldn’t want to live on the difference. I’m also not gonna say I wouldn’t pick the stihl if they were both the same price but the echo was $250 cheaper out the door and it does just fine for me. The savings was used for extra bar, chain, and gear.