New Harman P61 Auger vibration?

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New Member
Aug 11, 2022
Northeast PA
I have a new Harman P61 that was installed last month. I have only used it maybe a dozen times so far. I noticed some kind of groaning/vibratory sound when the Auger is running and I am wondering whether this is normal or not. This is most noticable with the fan on the Low setting. I have the Feed limit set to just under 4 and am using Barefoot hardwood pellets.

I have only been running the stove for 5 to 7 hours at a time when we are home, so I hope that doesn't have anything to do with this sound.

Short video clip (sound can be hard between seconds 5 to 8):
Sounds OK to me. IMO.. My Harman auger motor "groans" occasionally ..actually yours sounds quiet...running it 5 to 7 hours is not affecting it..
Sounds like my P61…think it’s normal