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seige101 Posted By seige101, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:03 PM

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    Started a new job about 2 months ago at the largest amusement / water park in new england. I am a full time year round maintenance electrician. It's been quite the change of pace compared to other jobs i have held in the trade and definitely better than a romex jockey wiring houses.

    I have seen more control wiring and power distribution in the 2 months i have been here than the other 10 years i have been in the trade. The amount of PLCS, VFDs and other controls on some of the larger rides is mind boggling. Staring into a control cabinet with thousands of terminations, hundreds of relays etc is a neat sight.

    Our safety and guest safety is #1 and the company practices what it preaches. The amount of safety training we do for our selves is more than i have had in my entire career. Every ride in the park gets inspected before opening daily and the amount of paperwork that we have to document EVERYTHING we work on.

    And because we all love pictures here are some views from work.

    Lift hill one on a coaster. I am standing on lift 2 on pretty much the same platform.

    Looking straight down, roughly 120'. Note i am not tied off, there is a railing all around me

    View of the coaster. I only work on the rides, i don't ride them!
    Looking down the lift hill, Approx 140' up.

    Looking at another coaster, the Connecticut river and Springfield in the distance.
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