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Steve Ball Posted By Steve Ball, Nov 19, 2012 at 1:09 PM

  1. Steve Ball

    Steve Ball
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    Nov 17, 2012
    Hello All,

    What a wonderful and informative forum. Appreciate all of the good information available.

    I have just moved into a property that has a Quadra-Fire wood-burning insert installed by the previous owner. It has two controls levers, one center, one to the right, which are working fine [center lever to control burning once lit, right lever pushed all the way in to get the fire started, then out once burning].

    Burning is good, starting is very easy: 1-year seasoned wood, glass is remaining clean. Very happy with the stove.

    Some questions though about it:

    • I would like to get some reference material on the stove [none was left in the house]. How can I indentify my particular Quadra-Fire (photo is attached) - anything to check? In short, could be good to know what the parts I may need in case the glass gets cracked etc. ... or are all of the quads similar or not?
    • I've found burning wood North-South rather than East-West gets me better results. Is this others' experience?
    • The unit produces good heat, but I have noticed that leaving the door wide open it produces *a lot* more apparent heat. Is this simply because the heat is radiating directly to the air (rather than heating up the steel plate)? And is it good/bad to do this - I mean, the door is there for a reason... does leaving the door open lead to less complete combustion (I imagine so). Any comments on the door being open would be useful.

    Thank you all for a wonderful forum, and greetings from beautiful Dutchess county in New York.

    Happy burning to all.


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  2. Machria

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    Nov 6, 2012
    Brookhaven, Long Island
    Steve, welcome, and I'm a newbie too but can help a little.

    1. Shoot the picture of it over to Quadrafire, I'm sure they can tell you the exact model, and can direct you to download the manual from their website.

    2. You should NOT burn the fire with the door open without a firescreen installed, if there is one for that model, not all of them allow for it. Thais will be in the manual along with the part number for the screen if it exists.
  3. thewoodlands

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    Aug 25, 2009
  4. Greg D

    Greg D
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    Nov 20, 2011
    Eastern PA
    Hi Steve,

    I'm pretty new to the forum as well, and I am still learning. I have a Quadrafire 7100FP (insert)- I am very pleased with the unit as well. It's located on the first floor and it keeps our entire house (3000 sq ft.) nice and toasty. Not sure if it applies to your model, but on mine if I remove the front facade, (sometimes I have to remove the doors to be able to angle it out through the stonework) there is a tag chained to the unit inside with the model number info on it.
    I, too, much prefer to burn N/S, (less worrying about logs rolling into the glass and less chance of cracking the baffle board above the air tubes). But if I get I batch of wood that I acquire from someone else with random longer lenghts, I will mix in a E/W burn. One 5 gallon bucket full of splits and I can have enough hot coals 5-6 hours later to light up the next load. I have been loading it up about 10:00pm with two 5 gallon bucket fulls and can get a 10 hour burn.
    My unit has the Automatic Combusiton Control feature, but I find that since it operates by a timer mechanism, I usually override it based on what the fire is doing for turning the air down. The only time I leave the door cracked open is on startup, just until the draft takes over (to minimize smoke). If I walk away, the door gets closed, other wise the fire can get out of hand. Hope this helps a little.



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