New Record for me, Federal taxes are done and filed

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Despite a more complicated tax situation as an independent contractor last year, I really didnt have many documents I was waiting for in order to file and the last one showed up a few days ago. I wanted to pick up some extra "I" bonds this year so I deliberately overpaid my 4th quarter estimated taxes by a bit and asked for my refund in "I" bonds. The rate is not as good as last year but still better than a bank, so I am going to build a "ladder" with them until the rates start to drop again and then decide if I want to keep going.

It was the first time doing a schedule C, I was only supposed to work for four or five months last year but it stretched out to November. I should have bought a more business equipment ;). Turbo Tax came out with a version for small business, but I have to say I had to do a lot more searching for where the various expenses and deductions end up.

I think next year's taxes will get real simple since I do not plan to work.
I will do mine in February when my wife goes to visit for her mom's birthday.
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I work but I have a simple life therefore simple taxes. Just got my mortgage interest statement the other day. Not like I ever qualify to use it but it’s always worth it to check. So I’ll be doing mine soon.

I used to wait until the last week because I always owed money to the state and never looked forward to it. That changed in the last few years, now I get just a little bit back.

I went to H&R Block once a couple years ago, because my mom said they were good at getting more back. They wanted to charge me like $250 to do my simple form, and would have been getting back only slightly more than that total so most of it would have paid them. So I said nope. It was also no improvement over what I did myself.
Got my IRS check and I bonds in the mail on the same day yesterday (2/21).
New record for me as well. I've never thought about doing my taxes this early before! 😆
I think mine got delayed a bit as there was a long holiday weekend and I elected to get my refund in I Bonds which get issued from the Treasury.