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    I have searched the database of questions and can't find this problem addressed. We just bought a new Acclaim and had our dealer install it, mainly to let them do the venting to be sure of a correct install. Here are my problem areas; 1. The front door on the stove hits the top right side plate when the door is opened to half way (90 degrees) or more. Is there a way to adjust the right side plate so it fits evenly on the stove allowing for even tolerances and correcting this problem? I have already raised the door a little with the lower adjusting pin but it gave no help. Also when looking at the front door straight on I can see the crack along the top of the door is wider at the left top than at the hinge top side(by a quarter of an inch) Is this a normal variant or could the whole stove have been lined up carelessly when the plates were cemented?
    2. We ordered enamel pipe and there is a large gap where the first joint fits into the flu collar.(straight up install) I can see a lot of daylight around the pipe and changed it out with the next one in line thinking it was an odd male crimp, but it is still sloppy. Is this normal in your experience on these stoves? I called the dealer who installed it about cementing around the first jt. as it goes into the collar and he said he didn't think I should do that, even when I said we could see flames around the flu collar. So I am not gonna get much help from this guy.
    3.There is a pretty good space around the griddle on one side but these are of course brand new gaskets. I can eliminate the leak around the gasket by pushing the griddle to one side after it is closed but shouldn't it fit tightly if it is in right?


    1.These variations seem within normal. The most important thing is for the stove door gasket to seal correctly on the front of the stove. The front door of that stove is designed to be removed if you want to use the screen for extended periods of time. Otherwise, the front door is used only to remove your ashes.

    2.Yes, the space is normal, but it should be filled with either furnace cement or a small strip of gasketing. We usually put the cement in before we drop the pipe in but you can probably put it in from the inside and outside with your finger and then wipe away the excess with water.

    3.The griddle gasket will probably seat better when you burn the stove hotter....try putting a water filled pot or teakettle on it to weight it down while the stove is running hot. This should wear in the gasket so it seats better.
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