New stove in my future

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Jan 2, 2023
Coastal Maine
Hey from Maine. Have been reading a bit. This is my setup if the pic takes…
I have option of freestanding or a fireplace insert. That fireplace makes a great wood box, but it would be good to have the floor space back. Supplemental heat when it gets cold, or backup during power outage, followed by generator failure. I like to take the chill off in the morning when it is 15°F. 6” vent restriction. I am using a VC Encore. I do like the top load, and the ash pan. I really like the ash pan 😊. Can’t have everything.

BK Princess freestanding or insert. Seems like a qualifying, easy to run stove. The insert sticks out a bunch, so seems like I am get some heat out of it. Thoughts?

New stove in my future
Seem like a good choice. Won't win any beauty contest, but it will provide more reliable and even heat. Check the fit for the insert to be sure it's an option.
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They are industrial looking indeed. I am torn between an insert and using my current stack. That fireplace makes a great wood box. But it is a small house, and would be nice to have that floor space back.

I will look at prettier stoves in person I am sure. Encore is a diva. I am ready for non fussy functional. Somewhere on this forum I read a guy went from encore to princess and wouldn’t go back. Got me reading BK specs.
In catalytic inserts, take a look at the Kuma inserts too. Some have adjustable depth so that there is good projection out onto the hearth. Also check out the Lopi Evergreen.
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