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    New Stove Owner Questions

    I've been a fireplace user for several years and recently purchased a home that has a wood stove in an enclosed (and finished) sunroom. I noticed several differences between the stove and what I'm used to seeing and they raise questions I'd like to have answered before I start my first fire. They are:
    1) There's no "rack" on which to place logs -- do I need one or do I just build the fire on the "floor" of the stove? ]
    2) There's a (glass) door on the front -- does this stay closed during a fire? Is it okay to open it to add more wood? The glass also has a yellow coating on parts of it -- can I use chemical cleaners on the glass without causing an ecological disaster?
    3) There's a big sliding rod near the upper back of the stove that I'm guessing works the flu, but I can't tell if it does or not. Some of the Q/A in your digests lead me to believe that it controls the "draft". If so, how do I create a "good draft"?
    4) There's an electrical switch in the back. What's it for? I've scoured the web for answers to my "freshman" questions, but I've come up empty. I'm hoping you can help. Thank you, and thanks for a good website!


    1. Most woodstoves do not use a grate. Wood burns longer when it is cradled in it's own ash.
    2. Most glass in woodstoves is a ceramic variety. Information is at https://www.hearth.com/robax. If the glass is in a door, sure...you'd open the door (and glass) each time you refuel.
    3. Yes, this probably opens the pathway to the chimney. Stoves such as this may have two ways of controlling the draft...one regulates air INTO the fire chamber and the other regulates it on the way out. The OUT dampers are usually kept wide open until the fire is well established, and then (depending on the draft strength, wood, etc) closed partially or fully.
    4. Electrical switch may be for blower located in the unit. Follow the wires..it may be under the stove or enclosed in the side.
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