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Jan 14, 2024
We currently use a Hearthstone Mansfield as the sole heat source for our 1500 sq ft home in Eastern Pennsylvania. The house is a manufactured house, think double wide trailer, cathedral ceilings, NOT well insulated.

I see a lot of talk about Blaze King on here, but with further reading it sounds like we might not need a catalytic burner.

The soapstone is fine. Neither love it or hate it. It takes a while to heat up and doesn’t burn as long as I’d like but it sounds like lots of people report shorter burn times on stoves.

I’m not sure which model Mansfield we have, no side door. We bought it used around 2009 and we think the original owner might have had it for just a few years, so 20 years old at most. We have a large open space barn which is a workshop that we’re planning to move this stove to and buy a new stove for the house.

I want a non-fussy, efficient stove. Price isn’t a issue. I considered the next size smaller heartstone, (or should we stick with the same size?) maybe another brand?

PS, is there an easy way to determine which model Mansfield we have? (For replacement parts)
It sounds like it might be a model 8011. The UL tag on the back should list the model number for verification.

For a soapstone like heat in a good stove consider a cast-iron jacketed steel stove. In non cat these would be the Jotul F45/F55 or the PE Alderlea T6. In catalytic, look at the BK Ashford 30.
An important question I have is would today’s Mansfield perform the same as our older Mansfield I?

We looked at the PE Alderlea T6 would be a better size for us we think. A decent looking stove.
No, the newest Mansfield is a different more complicate hybrid stove. The Alderlea T6 is a stout, but simple stove. Much easier to service than the old or new Mansfield.
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