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Dave Topd Posted By Dave Topd, Nov 13, 2013 at 1:39 PM

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  1. Dave Topd

    Dave Topd
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    Nov 13, 2013
    Hi all. Long been a lurker, and gotten lots of great info here, but now I have a specific question for all you Encore 2550 owners.

    My stove is 10 years old, and gets about 4-5 cords a year through it. It is the primary home heat source for 2300 sq feet in northern NH, so I want to get full heat value from the stove but not risk overfiring (again).

    This summer I rebuilt the stove with new upper and lower firebacks, secondary probe, refractory box and gaskets. It had overfired last year and was kind of due anyway. It is real tight now. Also added a steelcat from condor.

    Since firing up this fall there has been a noticeable lack of draft and in cat mode the stove wouldn't hold cat combustion.

    Long story short, I finally got around to checking the primary air intake, it was only open about 1/4 inch with air handle all the way forward. The set screw was loose, and it was clear that the cable had slipped and I wasn't getting sufficient air.

    I have reset it so that the air intake closes when the handle is about halfway back and so that the stove holds 550 degree stovetop on a full loaded burn in cat mode. At this settiing, the air intake is still only about halfway open.

    Finally, the question. Is there a factory "setting" I should be using or am I correct in adjusting the air intake to prevent overfiring on a full burn?

    Thank to all who post here for all the great info!!!!!!!

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