New Travis Pellet Stoves - Changing the chisel in the pellet cutter?

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Anyone else change a cutter recently. They say after 2 seasons so here is this 2 year old Lopi Deerfield.
This Part # is VR.2 On the bag so it looks like a new version 2 part.

Pic 1 & 2 - New OEM chisel
Pic 3 - Bottom of hopper with 6 screws to remove
Pic 4 to 7 - Old chisel & removal
The 2 hex head bolts that hold the chisel were filled and packed with fines so to get a good grip to crack the bolt with the Allen wrench,I had to poke the sawdust out with a small screwdriver.
8 - new chisel installed with new screws and new space that goes under the chisel.
I also sprayed dry moly on the two screws that hold the chisel so next time they will come out a little easier!
9. New chisel vs old chisel
10. We have fire!
Also switched to 100% softwood pellets that seem to burn better in this stove.

Also if you look closely at the old chisel in the up close pic you can see some of the coating chipped off? Would that make a difference?


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