New York Times Story on Wood Stoves

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Please note The Enregy saver store mentioned is the one I have the most problems with also note the lack of clearances in front of the loading door just count the bricks One would think NY times would take the time to atleast post a picture with a correct install. How bad is that

The E.P.A. toughened standards for new stoves in 1992, cutting typical emissions levels by two-thirds. But it estimates that of roughly 10 million stoves in use, 7 million to 8 million do not comply because they were sold before 1992.”

Again lack of research distorted the estimate. My 1987 Intrepid II was tested to meet Oregon Specs which essentially is the EPA standard. Most manufactures started complying in 1990 or sooner as I mentioned the VC Intrepid 1987 Finally the article is off by 2 years 1990 is when the EPA regs were passed and initiated

“For instance, the local inspector initially refused to issue a permit for the stove installed by Mr. Geiger because the hearth did not meet the town's 16-inch length requirement. Mr. Geiger paid $300 to hire a mason to permanently extend the hearth, and the permit was received.”

The town does not have a code of 16” NFPA or the International Mechanical codes do. What if the manufactures specs called for 18” as many do. I’m in error the insert has a lip and there is a forth brick meaning probably 16” Note the lack of 36” clearance to other combustible objects to the left again count the bricks.


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Nov 19, 2005
Some communities ban wood-burning altogether at various points in the winter, and many places require permits to use a wood stove, partly because their smoke represents the largest source of winter air pollution in some areas.
Banning burning? Is this America?

I'm glad I live in the "free" state of Ohio and not the over regulated Northeast.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
We're about as far west as one can get in the lower 48 and under a phase 1 burn ban right now due to a lingering high and temperature inversion. The air has been noticeably better since my neighbor's smudge pots haven't been burning. Our pellet stove and Jotul are ok for now unless it goes to phase 2. Then we are on propane or pellets only.

When you get a million+ people together, they need to burn cleanly or not burn at all. To ignore the consequences can be deadly.
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