Newbie question - Raise the height of the fireplace opening?

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New Member
Jan 22, 2023
Long Beach
Hi, I am a newbie here. Our new house has a wood burning fireplace fitted with some gas logs. Opening of our fireplace is 36" (width) x 24" (height). The firebox and the hearth are at the same level which is about 4" from the floor. We want to achieve a more linear look in the opening to make it 36" x 18". Our original plan was to replace the gas logs with a linear gas fireplace. However, the contractor said he can achieve a similar linear look by just raising the outside opening of the fireplace by another 6 inches (which will make it 10" off the floor) without altering/raising the bottom of the firebox. I am unsure of this approach since the gas logs will then be sitting lower and enclosed somewhat inside. I am wondering is this per code and will this cause a problem in burning of the gas logs?

Thanks for your help in advance.