Newbie - which wood insert? flush or not? used vs. new

jtg3 Posted By jtg3, Dec 19, 2007 at 4:07 PM

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    Hi - new to the forum, but have learned alot from it already. We want secondary heat for a 1,200 sf open living area, main floor, to upgrade our existing open fireplace. This is within a 3,500 sf 4-bedroom in Massachusetts. I guess I'm an insert kind of guy, vs. a wood stove guy, as some have described here. I've done my research and am working with a local dealer, and have narrowed down to:
    1. Quadrafire Bodega Bay, up to 2,000 sf. I like the bay window design of th glass. With a blower, nickel finish. Dealer has one that was returned, so 10% off.
    2. Avalon Perfect Fit, flush model, with similar output, and a blower. I like the flush look, but wonder about getting less radiant heat even with the blower, vs. the Quad. I don't have a price quote yet, but assume it might be more $$.

    Any input on the above choice and questions appreciated. In addition, I have the following questions:
    - I've looked at some used models of the above on Craigslist and elsewhere, to try to same some $$. But i heard that warranties don't transfer beyond the original owner, so I think that option is out for me, and i'm not handy enough to rely on myself to do any trouble shooting and want to be able to call the dealer or manufacturer. Is this lack of warranty true for all manufacturers?
    - I've found a unit from Kuma, the Sequoia model, a flush model which is sold on Zoobler and other sites online, which just makes me curious, because it makes a point of saying it doesn't require a flu liner, as in every other model I've seen out there. Since that could save ~ $1,200, i'm curious, but common sense tells me it's probably too good to be true. I asked about it on, and got a response which said that's just a silly advertising claim, and surprised I even asked about it...?. Any experience with this unit, or input, to satisfy my curiousity?

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