Newbie with Heat N Glo EM42 fireplace - Pictures

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Burning Hunk
Jul 28, 2015
I’ve moved into a home that has a Heat N Glo EM-42 wood burning fireplace (about 18 yrs old). I know that compared to a true wood insert these are not the best, but I don’t have the funds to swap it out currently. I’ve read decent reviews about the EM-42. It has the blower with heat exchange tubes that seem to help with the heat.
I have a couple newbie questions that maybe some of you can help with:

- Outside air kit – I’m pretty sure it does not have an outside air kit. Is it possible to install the outside air kit after it’s been installed? Seems like this could be a major pain. I’d have to rip siding off the chase to access.

- Keep glass doors open or closed – Owner’s manual says keep them open. Any opinions on this?

- Combustion air levers – There’s a sliding lever in the front that opens and closes some vents. Not much in the manual about this. Since I don’t have an outside air kit, does this even do anything?

Newbie with Heat N Glo EM42 fireplace - Pictures

Newbie with Heat N Glo EM42 fireplace - Pictures

Newbie with Heat N Glo EM42 fireplace - Pictures

Newbie with Heat N Glo EM42 fireplace - Pictures
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I will address a couple of your concerns...

IIRC, the OAK is mandated to be included at the time of installation. Your fireplace may not meet the local fire/building code without it.

The OEM doors are tempered glass. They will shatter if they get too hot. That is why they have to be open during burning. If you want doors that close, you will need to have Pyro-Ceram instead of tempered glass at a BUCK (or MORE) per SQUARE INCH, they will cost you BIG TIME.
Thanks for the info. I guess I read alot of mixed opinions on the OAK.
I guess I'll be sure to leave the doors open.
Any other feedback on this unit? Recommendations on using the blower function, etc?
This is the fireplace we have. It seemed to give out decent heat back when we used it as such. I added the grate system known as the the "Grate Wall of Fire" and that made a big difference in heat output. Like you already know though, these types of fireplaces are not efficient at all.

We do have the OAK. We also left the doors open while the fire was roaring.