Newborn Baby and Pellet Stove - Health Concerns?

md2002 Posted By md2002, Mar 27, 2013 at 8:16 PM

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    Way to go Dad! Best wishes and enjoy these days.... they fly right by.

    HUMIDIFIER. Agree with all the dust concerns, but you may need to operate a cool mist humidifier. Check with your pediatrician. If the air is too dry, your baby will feel it too. I run mine all winter and just can't deal without it. I always check house humidity, more so than ambient temperature. I also have a air cleaner running 24/7 for dust purposes. Buy good quality stuff that will last you many seasons. Stock up on all the needed filters, too! Hope this helps you.
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    Southcoast, MA will be sometime yet before the kid is big enough to actually crawl around and get are some basics
    1. bumpers on the hearth corners are a good idea for now
    2. Don't hold your baby and tend the stove at the same time
    3. Keep pellets out of your baby's mouth..very much a choking hazard
    4. Consider installing an OAK if you have a newer home with a second floor
    5. Carbon Monoxide detectors on each floor
    6. Fire extinguisher within 20 feet of the stove, fully charged
    7. Replace your smoke alarm batteries every Christmas Eve to nearly reduce all possibilities that your kid isn't homeless and gift-less on Christmas
    8. A baby gate for the hearth
    9. Install a humidifier
    Your stove has a slot on the upper right where a peg is put in to hold the cast door closed during shipping, find a piece of wire to put in there as a safety on the outer door. Babies could try to pull themselves up bu the door and have it swing open

    Noidea if anyone has offered up any of these suggestions so I'm most likely repeating..
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