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oldsmokey Posted By oldsmokey, Apr 2, 2012 at 7:54 AM

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    Mar 30, 2012
    should be delivered this week have been wood pellets for 5 years and am sick of buying them lol
    even at cost as i work for a store that sells them i guess i am just cheap but my house is only maybe 2000 sq.ft. and i have 5 cords of wood already on a trade and just couldnt bring myself to sell the wood.
    i work for a store that sells pellet stoves and boilers i went to a customers house with a 28-3500 running and was totally amazed hitched up to their hotair furnace and cycling on and off with wood iin the basement they wanted to look at pellet hot air furnaces but i couldnt do it i told them they would be crazy to take that wood furnace out,the wife complained about handling wood as their backs are bad so i asked her if it would feel better handling 40 lb bags of pellets as i have for 5 years,i havent heard a word from them since but it was only 15 degrees out that day and their story and a half was over 70 inside without the oil running.i have sold like 6 brands of pellets and the stoves are great but i want cheaper heat lol.i have also been reading many reviews of the furnace and most is very good.i had to take down my old masonry chimney so if anybodys has info on a good line of metal chimney i would appreciate the info i have found 1 nice 22guage system.

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