No gasket on bottom of fireplace doors?

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Oct 11, 2023
Hello everyone -

Longtime wood burner, first time posting. I've returned to our family home and have been doing maintenance on our fireplace inserts. In replacing the door gaskets, I've noted that two of them did not have gasket material along the bottom of the glass doors. I don't know if this is for airwash, or just that my Dad at the time didn't have enough gasket material on hand and didn't want to go into town.

My thoughts would be to have gasket material all around each door, but I wanted to check and see if there's a legitimate reason to leave it off the bottom of the doors.

Our inserts are fairly standard, perhaps made by Country (one is definitely an E260 Elite, the other two aren't branded, but are likely from the same company.

Thanks for any help.

-Ted / Idaho
There should be a full gasket around the door perimeter on the E260 and likely on the others. This should have an OEM gasket replacement, six feet, 7/8" diameter, part H5639.
Can you post some pictures of the stoves for ID?
The other two are Welenco, and I think you're right, they all should have full gaskets. I already put a full 7/8 in. replacement on the E260. Just wanted to check because both of the others were lacking gasket at the bottom, to be sure. It's likely my Dad was just trying to avoid a trip to town.

Thanks for the quick reply begreen....

No gasket on bottom of fireplace doors? No gasket on bottom of fireplace doors? No gasket on bottom of fireplace doors? No gasket on bottom of fireplace doors?
The Welencos look like old, pre-EPA inserts. The company is still in business, but not making stoves anymore.
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If the Welencos are slammer installations, note that is no longer approved. Also, it looks like the hearth protection is too short. It should be at least 16" in front of the insert door.
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