No light. Mt vernon ae

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Dec 7, 2022
Birdsboro, Pa
Mount. Vernon Ae, 2006 or 2007
Working on my elderly dads, pellet stove. Truthfully, he hasn't cleaned this thing as much as he should have.

Somehow when he changed out the ignitor. He knocked out the control box. The power cord from the power supply to the control box was fused into the control box. I installed new control box and power cord, plugged unit back in. Ran through auto clean mode, and went into start up, no errors. Ran through start up, no start. Still no errors, it did feed pellets. Checked ignitor, getting warm, but not hot, digital thermometer said 495 degrees. Switched out ignitor with new, no change. No start.

Checked the connections on the supply and the control board. All seated. I pulled the power supply. Fuse was intact. But looked slightly burnt. I replaced fuse with 5 amp time delay 125 volt fuse. Put it back together. No change.

I lit the stove off manually. Started. No errors. Ran from start up to high. No errors. Been running since i lit it off. No errors.

Dad's on fixed budget. I just dont want to keep throwing parts at it. Kappel15, what am I missing?
need to check voltage to igniter, but probably sounds like power supply is bad, or the wires that bring 120v to the control board .
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