No talk about Geothermal heat pumps

dfergx Posted By dfergx, Feb 25, 2008 at 6:59 PM

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  1. Jersey Bill

    Jersey Bill
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    Jan 21, 2008
    Central NJ
    i take back what I said. I did not know that number was realistic.

    a 32 deg temp was mentioned. I would guess that the system is water, not glycol. this would probably be the heating mode- rtn to ground side. assuming 35, w/ a 10 deg delta, that puts the "from ground" side @ 45. I had thought that the ground source temp was a 55 degree constant. This would put the ground loop at a 10 degree closest approach temperature.(15 deg average approach to ground)

    kimko, are these numbers close ?

    I was told that I would need 2- 300 foot wells for 4 tons of refrigeration.
    at 10$/ft for drilling in rock(where I am), thats $6,000

    Is this consistent with your installations?

    what is the ratio of well footage for a ton? in my case it would have been 150 ft/ton

    my electric rate is about $0.12/kwh, in NYC a few miles away, its 0.15

    When I was building my house, I really wanted to go completely geothermal, but I couldnt justify the payback. I did install a geo feature though. Under the house basement slab insulation I embedded pex tubing in stone dust. In the summer I circulate the water through my radiant floor loops and then down under the house to dump heat. on startup I can get 2 tons of almost free cooling. steady state about 1 ton. the loop temps are like 70/68.
  2. Kemer

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    Before I bought my Eko 60 I thought about geothermal.I have a 35 acre private lake front home.I already have air to air heat pump so transition won't be all that hard,also Im a excavating contractor.Since my home is only 6 years old I've decided to wait till my heat pump goes down and then maybe the new tecnolgy will be better.Any experiance in pond loop geothermal?
  3. kimko

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    Mar 6, 2008
    N.W. Ontario Canada
    hi guys ;try to answer best I can.
    150ft/ton is a rule of thumb in rock that I'd use as a minimum, local drillers want 35/ft here so I don't sell any verticles.
    I do alot of lake loops ,more than horz. ground. Most manfufacturers now offer 2 speed compressors as well as E.C.M. fan motors , technology won't get much better than that just more expensive to install.
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