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    I recently had an Earth Stove gas insert installed in my home, and there seems to be an abnormal amount of noise caused by the gas entering the main burner. A constant "Shhhhhhhhh...." sound, like you'd hear coming from a gas barbecue. I've already tried adjusting the air vent on the main burner, but this made little or no difference. I bought the stove from a dealer 150 miles away (I work for a company that sells him pellets, and we worked out a trade deal), so there is little chance of getting him to make a house call. I've talked to him on the phone, (and several other dealers in the area), but no one seems to know what else it could be. Most say that some stoves are just noisier than others. The stove seems to be working perfectly otherwise. Could it be the main burner orifice, or perhaps too much gas pressure? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


    Some gas units do make a hissing noise, however this becomes more noticeable in certain surroundings since ambient (background) noise can vary from place to place. There are certain possible solutions to this problem. Please contact Earth Stove at http://earthstove.com for more information on your particular model.

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