Non-Standard Firebrick Size?

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Jun 13, 2023
Alberta, Canada
So, I need to replace all my firebrick in my Englander Tranquility.

Standard size seems to be 9-in x 4.5-in x 1.25-in?

Mine are vermiculite (approximate size):
(2 rear) 1' 1/4" tall x 6 1/2" wide x 1" thick
(2)1 each side) 1' 1/4" tall x 8 1/4" wide x 1" thick


Can I simply cut and stack the standard sized bricks? I have a wet tile saw, so I can make clean, tight cuts.

My thoughts were to take 3 bricks, cut to length and stack horizontally.

Yes, the Englander 17-VL has vermiculite insulating boards in the firebox and I think standard firebrick on the firebox floor. The baffle boards are also vermiculite.
Part numbers are:
Right Vermiculite Panel - AC‐17RBR 1
Left Vermiculite Panel - AC‐17RBL 1
Rear Vermiculite Panel - AC‐17RBB

Check with these folks for the parts:
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I find the vermiculite boards don't last long (I got 4 years out of the originals) and are ridiculous in price.

$172CDN for a full set including upper baffles.

Can I replace with standard firebrick?
Cut and stack, tight to fit?
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If the vermiculite panels are treated with respect they can last ok. Changing to standard firebrick would change the clearances for the stove and combustion efficiency. If substituting firebrick, pumice firebrick would be better than clay brick.
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Would it really make that big of a difference going from 1" to 1-1/4" in thickness?
It's not so much the thickness as the insulation value of the materials