Northern Pellets

Bigjim13 Posted By Bigjim13, Feb 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM

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    I will start by saying this, I have lived Northern hardwood pellets since we first installed our stove 8 years ago. When costs permitted I chose to burn these over any other pellet.

    This year I bought 5 tons to get us through the winter-more than I usually burn but I was anticipating a cold winter.

    I’m curious if anybody has had any issues with this years batch? By issues I should say that they still burn hot and create a decently low amount of ash. What I am seeing is that the ash forming in the burn-pot of my P61A is clumpy and hard, like it has all melted into one hard chunk. I’ve also found blue fibers in the ash this year-looks like plastic.

    I’ll still burn them and buy them, but I’ve never seen any of these issues with Northerns it any other pellet for that matter.


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