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eluu Posted By eluu, Apr 26, 2013 at 12:39 PM

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    Hello All,
    New poster here, although have been lurking for some time. Also, I've burned wood for some 5 years now ... all with relatively old pre-epa stoves. This past winter in a new home was with a Consolidated Dutchwest Federal Airtight 288. The new home is about a 2400 sq ft ranch, so the stove worked great in the main living area, but bedroom and back hall areas remained cold.
    With an 8 zone hydronic oil fired heating system in place, I'm considering an indoor wood boiler. The beauty of this house is I can back my truck or ATV into the lower level, so no dealing with hatchways or stairs for fuel delivery :).
    I've come across an old used wood-fired Northland Boiler for sale in the area, not sure of the model except it is not a duel fuel boiler. I have yet to look at it other than a fuzzy pic. Don 't know much about this manufacturer, and there appears to be little info on the web. All opinions and/or experiences with this boiler would be greatly appreciated.


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