Not getting Secondary burn with EPA caddy

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That model Caddy (similar to my old model) had a two speed fan/limit control. I actually used the low tap for summer mode and it worked excellent! The other speed was determined by the heat load in my home. I had the higher blower speed kick in around 120 in the plenum and drop to summer (low) below the set temperature. If you keep the limit at 250, you'll burn a crap ton of wood if there's a call for heat. Lowering it to 150 or so allows the hot firebox to bounce off and close/open the damper. This allows for a hotter, longer burning fire. Otherwise, the damper remains open and the wood turns to coals.

The new Caddy's burn these coals to dust. The grate air allows for a good recovery of heat. I operated our old caddy for quite a bit. Keep a clean burning fire (seasoned wood) and it will heat like crazy.