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    Our home is two years old. The fireplace is masonry, but built around the Vanguard specifications, with no damper. Prior to construction, we visited several fireplace shops and decided on the VANGUARD for its "fire look" and heater power. The performance (fire look) in our fireplace is disappointing.

    I have checked the position of the log set and found all pieces to be in the proper position. The odors are clearly caused by the log set, its the only time that this odor is present. When we used the unit in the past we had several windows opened. The unit has about twenty five (25) hours of use. The odors are strong and I am concerned about safety, to the degree that I will not use the unit. Is there someone that can evaluate my unit?


    1. I never saw a spec for a masonry fireplace without a damper for ventless logs...but we don't know everything.

    2. As I said, different people have more or less sensitivity to the odors. A newer house is a tighter house, and also continues to out gas vapors (even after two years) which then can get consumed in the ventless set. It may be that you should keep a window partially open.

    3. If you are concerned about the set, you could purchase a CO detector (nice to have anyway) - If it does not go off, then levels of CO are within standards.

    4. If logs and/or fireplace do not have black soot in them, chances are they are burning OK. Make certain that no ceiling fans or other devices are interfering with airflow around the unit.

    OH ! One last thing..if there are any small gas leaks in or around the unit you would have an odor problem. The installing contractor should use a "gas sniffer" to determine if everything is OK, and also take a pressure check to confirm proper delivery of gas
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