Oil fired boiler timed delay

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Maine wood burner

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Jan 22, 2022
I have an Eko orlan wood boiler with a 500 gal storage tank. The tank has a Johnson control. My oil boiler is wired such that it will not fire if either the wood boiler or the storage tank are satisfied. When the wood boiler cools and the storage tank is hot, there is a delay (about 60 seconds) in the Johnson control that allows the oil boiler to fire. How can I force a timed delay on the oil fired boiler to eliminate this wasteful oil firing.thank you in advance,
My Oil fired boiler is back up to my Wood fired boiler.
I have an aquastat on my supply line to my heat exchanger,when the temp of the line supplying the heat x from either storage or the boiler drops below 110F it shuts off the supply pump from storage or boiler and powers up the oil boiler. Then the oil boiler will run untill the wood side begins to supply hot water to the heat ex changer.Then it automatically powers off the oil boiler till water temps drop.
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