OK to use barb fittings on return line?

Bugboy Posted By Bugboy, Aug 16, 2008 at 12:39 AM

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  1. Bugboy

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    I'm currently re-plumbing an old log splitter and was wondering if it is ok to use barb fittings on the 3/4" return line. Is there too much pressure on the return line? I need to go from the 3/4" outlet on my valve to one side of the filter, out the filter and to the tank. Will barbs work or should I go with a regular hydraulic fitting?

    If I go with regular fittings I'm trying to figure out how I will get everything tightened up since nothing swivels anywhere.

    Can I use a hose like those found in TSC meant for sprayers as my return line? If there isn't a bunch of pressure I'm guessing it should be OK.

    I have barb fittings on the suction line as I'm assuming little to no pressure since it is before the pump.

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  2. brad068

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    Barbed fitting will work just fine (metal ones of course) I've seen guys use plastic ones before which work until the fluid gets hot and distorts them. You can get regular barbed fittings for hydraulic plumbing or you can use brass ones found in the plumbing section of home improvement stores. And get actual hydraulic return hose. This hose is compatible with oil. Not all rubber hose likes oil.

    If you want to use actual pressure hose you can get swivel ends crimped right on. Go to pretty much any auto parts store (Napa, Carquest, United auto, or even a farm co-op store/mill). they should have numerous crimp ons and fittings to help you.
  3. kevin j

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    for barb fittings, use the suction hose. More flexible and lighter, easier to work. Soem two wire pressure hose does not compress well with hose clamps.

    second vote onmetal. Cheaper splitters use plastic fittings and clear vinyl hose on return and suciton. I have changed out two splitters with those.

    And now is a good time to add the reutrn filter if not already there. Barb and band clamp should be ok before the filter also, unlessyour filter is too small and create back pressure.

    If you crimp on ends, use 37 degree SAE / JIC flare fittings and adaptors. The most common hydraulic connection in the world probably. Sw3ivels at both ends, and less leakage than NPT pipe threads.

    If you want' NPT, there are swivel adaptors. Not rotating joints, just a male NPT x female NPT fitting the allows swiveling when tightening until the last flat or so of tightening. Must seal on the chamfered inside of a NPT hose end, won't usually seal on a pipe nipple as the inside is not precise.
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