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    I have an older house which has a gas fireplace, it is bricked up and what I want to know is do I need a chimney for a gas fireplace, I would like to get this fireplace working again and would appreciate any help . I have no idea if this house used to have a chimney or not there is no evidence of one, please help.


    There are some gas fireplaces which are Vent Free, others that are direct vent (thru the wall) and still others that need a chimney to the top. Consult your local hearth professional for the best solution.<p>
    A bricked up chimney should be viewed as suspect. Many times the flues have been blocked with masonry or other debris. Some are also cut off at the roof level - in other words they terminate in the attic.<p>
    Make certain you have a pro look at this one!
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