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    Hi, First off thanks for an awesome site. It's chock full of good information. My wife and I purchased a 2200sf Post and Beam home that has a Hearthstone wood burning stove as its primary source of heat. My question is in the usage of ( the whole stove actually ) what I think is the baffle open/close adjustment. When viewing the stove from the front, there is an air adjustment knob on the middle of the loading door, another air inlet adjustment on the left rear of the stove and another open/close adjustment on the left side ( top front area ). There doesn't appear to be a damper for the flu, or is that what the last open/close adjuster was. The house and stove are 19 years old and the stove will take a 24" log. I'm unsure of the model. I was hoping you could guess at the model and suggest proper usage, mainly on that last open/close adjustment. The air inlets are pretty obvious. Thanks in advance Rich


    I think you have the old big model, the HearthStone 1. By the way, they still make it in limited quantity. You can email them at heartstone@hearth.com - perhaps they have an old manual laying around.

    I think the rear damper is the main one. The one on the upper side is to be left cracked to allow some secondary air into the upper part of the fire...and yes, I think there may be a "bypass" lever that makes the flame take a longer path when it is closed..and make it easier to start and load (without smoking) when it is open. Hope that helps.
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