Old Jotul need identifying

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New Member
Mar 14, 2024
Australia NSW
Hi everyone.

Could you please help me identify this chimney wood stove by Jotul.

I am hoping to use this fire place as a freestanding stove.

I’m also curious about the two little side pipes on the outside of the main flute. Does that get individual pipes too or one hood pipe for all three?

Thanks so much

Old Jotul need identifying Old Jotul need identifying
According to the information posted online by Jotul for identifying older models, that isn’t one of their units. Go to jotul.com/manuals/old owner’s manual. Is there any identification on that unit?
I don't recall seeing this sold in the US. The smoke coming out of the small pipe is disconcerting. Usually, they are heat take-offs but maybe there is debris in that tube?
I looked at the old manuals that was linked on the above reply and also did not see this model. It’s so weird because we’ve just found this on stove ( pic attached)

It also says “made in Norway” with “ Jotul logo attached to fireplace. I cannot find any information on the web from the information we just found.
Old Jotul need identifying Old Jotul need identifying
P18-TD it is. Thanks Todd.
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I wonder if a bit more draft from a chimney would stop the smoke from the smaller outlets. Maybe all the gaskets laying on the ground around it has something to do with it too??
I would say it probably need completely torn down and recemented
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