Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates

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Dec 5, 2021
I am starting in on a project to recondition and install a 1970's version of a Jotul 602. It is in pretty good shape, no warping or cracks that I can find, and I believe all the parts are here; I am just not sure they are necessarily the correct ones. I actually owned and used one of these some 40 years ago, but my memory is a bit rusty on some of these details. So here is what I have and my question:

Two side protector plates, part number 602-603-5 cast into them. I assume these hang from the front two iron "hooks/pegs" cast into the side walls of the 602. Pretty straight forward (or so I think).

One back wall protector, part number 602.7 cast into it. This is the one I have questions/trouble with. Again I assume this back plate is supposed to hang from the rear two "hooks" cast into the sides. First, there are matching lugs/hooks on both sides of the plate, so that it seems one could hang it with either end up. Which is the right way to put it in (and does it depend on whether the draft is on the top or back)?

Second question/problem is this back wall plate is just a bit too wide side to side to fit. Maybe by 1/8" or so down at the bottom. This is true of both possible orientations for the plate. It will rub/bind against one of the sidewalls when I try to hang it off those rear "hooks". This seems odd in that all these items (stove/plates) look used and have been in fires before, so I assume this back plate fits. There is not a build up of soot or the like on the inside walls that I can see. It would be simple for me to grab a grinder and make the plate fit, but before I did that I wanted to ask. Did I get a back plate from a different stove, or what's up here.

FWIW, the stove is a green enamel one, if that makes any diff to what parts fit it.

So if anyone knows how these plates are supposed to fit in an older 602, and or which are the right part numbers I'd appreciate hearing.

Thanks in advance.
My 602 did not have a back protector plate, nor anything to hang one on. Can you post a picture of the stove, the rear plate and if possible, the inside of the stove showing the back pegs?
Here are some pics:

This one shows the inside of a side wall on the stove. You can see the 3 pegs, middle one being bigger and a bit taller than the edge ones.

Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates
Here is one of the side plate. Note it has one bigger hole and one smaller, so it can go on the side more to the front or more to the back. Not sure which would be right.
Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates

And here are two shots of what I think is the rear plate. Note both sides have "hooks" cast into them for hanging the plate. BTW one thing I just noticed when taking these pics, is there is an alternative way to hang the back plate. There is a ridge cast into the rear wall of the 602 with a small pin a cm or so above that ridge. I am now thinking that this is where the rear plate is supposed to be hung. I need to go out in the daylight and take some measurements, but that seems likely.
Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates
If so, the only questions would be which side goes up on this rear plate? One edge is more or less flat, the other is semi-circular. Perhaps it has to do with where the flue is placed. And of course the question of why this plate is just a bit too wide to fit back in the stove.

Any thoughts?
The right hand image looks like the baffle. It sits on top of the side plates with the arch at one left end that goes under the rear flue exit. The left image has me perplexed. I'm wondering if it is the baffle if the stove has a top exit flue?

Does the stove have the bottom burn plate?

Older Jotul 602 proper inner plates