? on clearance between gas furnace and pellet stove.

hookthefish Posted By hookthefish, Mar 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM

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    I have a question on clearances listed on stoves.

    What I have now in my basment is a 2005 forced hot air Natural gas furnace that has PVC intake and exhaust. On the right side of the furnace, I have a Hot Blast wood and coal add on furnace connected to the older chimney with a 6" stainless steal hard piped liner with clean out door. ( not the cheaper flex liner)
    When I had the Hot blast instaled the inspector said it had to be 6" away form each other. ( Hot Blast listed clearance to combustables 6")

    Now I would like to remove the Hot Blast furnace and put a pellet stove in place of it, but the listed clearances for most bigger pellet stoves that are 50,000 btu are 12" and up form combustables. I would not be able to move the newer stove over a foot because it will then be in the way of the walking path to my electric panel and Hatch way door.

    My question is, A metal cased Natural gas furnace, Is this legaly considered as a combustable surface?

    My furnace tech dose not belive that the Gas furnace is considered as a combustable because it has a incased burn camber then insulation an outer metal casing.
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    Not sure about this one but you may want to ask this up in the Pellet Mill area as it's more likely to catch the attention of some of the pellet pigs and professionals. Good luck!

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