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cwill Posted By cwill, Jan 25, 2012 at 8:14 PM

  1. cwill

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    Oct 13, 2010
    W. MI
    Just had the propane truck show up. We are on "will call" status with them and didn't call. I watched from the window as the Guy backs the truck up the driveway to his normal spot. Sits in his truck looking at some paper work. Gets out opens, the door to the hose reel, Walks to the tank. That's when I decided to go out and see what he thought he was gonna do. Went out and when he saw me he had the lid open. I ask him "Your not putting any in there are ya?" He said "No,No This isn't the right place. Just thought I would check anyways." He then quickly shuts the lid and the reel door, says have a good day and drives off.

    The paper work they give us with the bill always has directions, address, and house/shutter color on it. Something tells me that if I wasn't home I'd be getting a bill I didn't ask for. The company that owns the tank has called, emailed twice about us buying for this year (we haven't even turned the furnace on yet this season). We told them over the phone both times that we don't need any and will call when we do. Guess it might be time to lock the lid!
  2. moody

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    Jan 5, 2012
    Southern West Virginia
    I have this happen to me over 4 years ago when i was not home ,there was a bill stuck inside my storm door, I called the gas company an told them that I was not supposed the be on auto delevery an I had the contract in my hand that states this an i am not paying for this,the lady got her boss on the phone an he said i had to pay for it ,i told him i'd see him in court for breech of contract an told him to pick up the full tank because i did not use the gas logs anymore,an then hung up the phone. about 2 min later the phone rang it was the gas co. the boss looked at his copy of my contract an said sorry for the mistake that could keep it at no charge, he said when i used up the gas then they can pick up the empty tank because they cannot transport a full tank, i still have over a half tank left . its the only time the tank was ever filled up in the ten years i lived here it was full when i move in ten years ago.
  3. Singed Eyebrows

    Singed Eyebrows
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    Jan 22, 2009
    AT&T called me & wanted me to switch over, I said no. They sent mail called a few times. Then a week or so later I got a modem in the mail, didn't think much about it & just put it in the corner. About 2 weeks later a truck drives up & the gentleman says he is here to install my system. I told him I didn't know what the f... heck he was talking about. I told him to leave my property & gave him the modem. About a week later I got a bill for a $100 modem, they said they never got it & I said too bad. AT&T is one of the companies I really despise, Randy
  4. smilejamaica

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    Nov 24, 2008
    hartford ct
    that is just crazy i would not have paid for that also.
  5. ironpony

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    Jan 22, 2010
    mid-ohio via St.Croix USVI
    had a similar thing with the gas people
    kept adding tank rental, minumun usage fees
    told them to come pick up thier tank
    they didnt want to saying contract , dont use enough gas
    charge me to empty it before moving
    SO im my wisdom I said
    I will have it empty and it will be at the bottom of the driveway waiting for you to pick it up in the morning
    problem solved
    and I still have the tank
  6. mayhem

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    May 8, 2007
    Peru, MA
    Never had this happen at a residence, but at the bank I usaed to work at as IT Manager, Verizon was working with me on a new corporate internet solution. One day four guys and three trucks show up at my loading dock with a full height rack loaded with fiber optic comm equipment that I never ordered (we had not yet arrived at a solution I wanted). One of our loading dock drones took delivery and I found it in the hallway later that day.

    Called Verizon and they had "no record" of the equipment or the delivery...of course we had to delivery receipt from the guys in the trucks. So I stuffed it into a corner for awhile. Fully 6 years and about 40 phone calls later I had no fewer than 20 guys in a dozen bucket trucks show up at my loading dock looking for the rack. I wanted to send them away wihtout and sell it, just to screw with Verizon but opted not to do so. I probably could have gotten a quick $20,000 for it too, but it would have been dishonest.
  7. blades

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    Don't forget to send them a storage bill, with compounded interest of course, as I hear the banks are always looking for ways to increase income.
  8. Eatonpcat

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    Jul 24, 2011
    Eaton Township, Ohio
    Crooks...I hate regulation, but these propane companies are shady to say the least!! We fought with them for years before we got our stove this year!!! I would spend $5,000 on pellets and be happy, because at least I would know that I used them and stayed warm!!

    Biting tongue...Don't get me started!!!!

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