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    I'm the owner of an Opel 2000C high efficiency fireplace. It's now three years old. My problem is the catalyst, which seems to be crumbling and falling out in pieces. There is a gaping hole in the catalyst itself. The manufacturer says its from flame impingement. They say it shouldn't have any flame contact, but I find that next to impossible to prevent. A friend of mine has the same fireplace, this winter will be his fourth year and he's already on his third catalyst. What's the solution, other than changing the catalyst. Thanks, Aaron Koza


    The solution is usually in the design of the stove. There should be a flame impingement protector in front of the catalyst to protect it against sucking up flames into it. Most all modern stoves have moved the catalyst further away from the fire..of put a good protector in. Catalysts in new stove are usually warranted for at least five or six years, so you should be able to get a replacement for a pro-rated discount. Your friend should have gotten his for free. In the US, EPA requirements assured that the catalyst is warranted in this way.
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