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Nov 27, 2012

I have just moved into a new (new to us) home in upstate New York and have a wood stove in the living room that will heat the whole house. It is a Grizzly with an adjustable speed fan mounted on the back of it. The stovepipe is single wall 8" diameter up to a height of about 8 feet with a bend in it, to clear a beam extending across the cathedral ceiling, and then going into a 2 foot section of triple or double (?) wall pipe (to protect the beam from heat) to the ceiling connection. The outside pipe extends about 4 feet above the roof line. My question is what temperature to run the stove at to prevent creosote buildup. I intend to use it to supplement our hot water baseboard heat, as I have a source of wood available. It will be used about 8 hours in the evening to heat the house and then I will let it burn out overnight so it is not in operation when I am at work the next day. It will burn 24 hours on the weekend. I have been unable to find any information on the stove and there is nothing on the stove to identify the maker. I plan to purchase a magnetic type thermometer to monitor the temperature. Any help you can offer on the temperature this unit should operate at would be helpful. From looking at your terrific web site, I think it should be in the 250 -500 degree range, but need an experts opinion. Thanks for your help. James W. Crane


Depending on the Grizzly model, the surface temperature should be 250-750 degrees. Let me explain....certain models have a lot of double-wall areas on them. These areas do not get as hot due to the air circulating around them. So 250-350 degrees may be the max there. However, single wall parts of the stove can easily hit 750 degrees with no problems. Many newer models of the Grizz have catalytic converters in them, which helps the chimney to remain cleaner also. With your burning style of running it 8 hours in the evening, you should not have a lot of creosote problems. Make certain your wood is dry and seasoned.
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