Opinion on Harman door rope gasket ends


Jan 20, 2014
Upstate, NY
Just replaced my first Harman door gasket and had a question regarding where the two ends meet..the gasket install went well and I gave myself a little extra rope (no pun intended) at the end to tuck into the channel where the two pieces meet (about 3/4"), but despite my best efforts, I did get some fraying between the two ends and was second guessing myself as to how good the seal will be up there. I did see where some people recommended putting some RTV silicone between the two ends as a sort of glue to remedy that so I did have some black Hi-Temp silicone (rated up to 590 deg F) and dabbed it on the two ends and pushed it in the channel a little more. It's now got a piece of saran wrap over it and the door is lightly closed while it sets. My question..is the 590 degree silicone good enough or should I have used something rated higher? I have some gasket cement rated at 2000 degrees but wanted to use something a little more plyable as I didn't want the ends to be rock hard from the cement. Any recommendations as to if this will be OK or if I need to go hotter with the silicone is welcomed (or should I just pull the gasket and start over). Thanks!


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I always start & end my door gaskets BETWEEN the hinges. That is the tightest part of the seal.
A little fraying is common & as long as the ends butt up tightly, the seal should be good.
I have NEVER put adhesive of any kind between the ends.
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