Original Mt Vernon stove Control box issue

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I have a original Mt Vernon pellet stove I purchased new in 2003. Had to replace a fan or two, but it works like a charm. It is a beast.

We always ran it on the second setting on the HEAT OUTPUT KNOB, and hadn't changed it for years, but if you did turn the dial up or down, the fan speed increased or decreased the way it was supposed to.

Recently, I clicked it up to the "3" setting to get a little more heat in the room, and the fan increased for a few seconds, then went off totally. I went back to the "2 " setting and it was fine (also fine on "1"). But when I went to "3" or "4", it would increase the speed for a few seconds, then click off.

I told this to my maintenance guy when he came for the yearly cleaning, inspection, and he though it was the control box going bad. So we got a new one (dated May 2023), and it was the correct 4 speed box. He replace the box and all was fine EXCEPT now there is only ONE SPEED on the fan, no matter what setting you put it on. Luckily, it is the speed we always used.

Anyway, all the settings on the box are correct, and the blue light blinks once every 10 seconds, so we know it is on setting #1.

Any ideas as to why we lost the different speeds on the HEAT OUTPUT KNOB? If I could get it back it would be great for those especially cold nights.

Thank you