Orlan 60...pumps not pumping? No hot water to the coils?

Gilby Posted By Gilby, Jan 13, 2012 at 4:35 PM

  1. in hot water

    in hot water
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    Another thought... It looks like you have a Y strainer next to the pump on the boiler. It's the black Y shaped device. It could be partially or mostly plugged with debris. That could cause all sorts of the problems you are experiencing.

    Luckily you have isolation valves on both sides of it. With the valves, pumps and fill water turned off, cool the boiler and remove the strainer. Sometimes you can just remove the small plug in the center and flush it clean. Or take the large nut off and remove and wash the strainer. It may take a large wrench to accomplish and a local plumber of HVAC guy could handle this.

    Here is an example, this brand has a very fine mesh inside the perforated sleeve. Most hydronic versions have about a 40 mesh screen. If you do disassemble it and find a fine screen, I'd be temped to leave the mesh out. Once the system runs for a few weeks it has probably filtered all the nasties out.

    I have contractor contacts in the Jackson area, also the Alta, Driggs area. I know some suppliers and reps that cover the entire state and I will ask around. Not sure I can get too far over the weekend, but I will try.

    I think a knowledgable hydronic guy could troubleshoot that system in an hour or so. It could use a few tweaks from what I can see from the pictures, but nothing compares to an on-site visit.


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    Good reminder HR, The one I have has been in 2 years & I haven't looked at it. I've complained of poor pump flow, & the strainer is on the inlet.... Randy
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    The water is making a loop in your piping without going back to the boiler from what I can see in your pictures.

    Think like the water. It's lazy and will always take the easiest path from high to low pressure areas.

    You kinda have a primary/secondary piping arrangement but you're missing the primary loop circulator. Tough to say from here but I think that's what you have going on.

    You should have each circ pumping away from the boiler and hung off a supply manifold pipe probably 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 in diameter. The returns should come back into a second manifold pipe of the same size which would then go back to the boiler. The supply and return piping should not connect with each other except through the boiler itself. It looks as though the returns are looped right back into the supply rather than going to the boiler.
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    looks like your pumps are set on low speed if i'm not mistaken . I have a new grundfoss 3 speed and sometimes it won't come on in low speed and I have to switch to a higher speed and than back to low and it works fine . you might be able to balance your flow to each furnace better by adjusting the pump speeds instead of choking a ball valve. Also if you put all your pumps on high speed it might burp air out to your air vents.

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