Osburn 2300 Selling Value

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Dec 13, 2023

I am selling an Osburn 2300 wood stove, purchased new and installed ~2017

This wood burner came with our home when we moved here in 2019.

I personally only used it a handful of times, maybe 4-5 times over the past ~4 years we have been here, although I believe it was used quite consistently by the last owners.

I am curious of its value on the used market. Everything in the pictures, includes blower, short pieces of stove pipe, and fire bricks. This model has the bypass damper.

Thank you!

20231104_150631-2.jpg 20231221_113527.jpg 20231221_113540.jpg 20231221_113551.jpg
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If there are no issues, I'd sell it for around $1200. Ask $1400 and be willing to negotiate. Dust it off first and clean out the inside and the door glass to make it most presentable.
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US market. Not sure what it would sell for in loonies. Probably a bit more.
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