Osburn 2400 Review

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New Member
May 22, 2018
Lebanon, Ohio
Sorry if this is lengthy - I recently bought an Osburn 2400 after extensive research and I am very satisfied! I am not new to wood stoves. In 1991 without the internet to do research, I bought an Appalachian 4N1 XL insert for my basement fireplace. Two years later I needed and installed a 28' stainless liner. Fast forward until 2016 - 3 blower motors, 6 damper housings, several sets of door and ash pan gaskets and several sets of catalysts later, I have a 6 inch crack on the inside of my fire box over the ash pan grate. With smoke working its way into the upstairs fireplace heatilator my wife says it is time for a new stove. I plug up the heatilator vents and start to see if my liner is worn through and leaking. EVERYONE tells me it isn't the liner - they are correct. Since I am not allowed (wife) to get the crack welded, I start looking for a new stove. I think I want an ash pan since my old stove is producing 2 pan loads of ash every 3 days. I don't want catalysts - they are expensive and only last 2 to 3 years. besides there are too many good stoves out there without catalysts. I go out on the internet and look at any and all stoves. I go to the local show rooms. I get it narrowed down to Pacific Energy Summit, Napoleon 1402, Appalachian, Buck and the Osburn 2400. The Napoleon is out - too small (no pun intended) I have 1500 ft^2 for both the basement and main floor with 900 ft^2 2nd floor. Appalachian is out - they only sell stoves with Catalysts. The Buck is out - the specs, price and reviews aren't as good as the others. I am down to the PE Summit and the Osburn 2400. I found local dealers for each. The local Osburn dealer is a bit of a flake and the PE dealer is even higher priced then the overpriced Osburn dealer. I find both stoves online with better prices than the local dealers. The more I look at the two, the more I am liking the Osburn - price, size, effeciency, reviews all look good. I call the Osburn factory and they suggest I call a dealer of theirs, Jack Cohen [email protected]. He has an Osburn 2400 and sells them for Osburn. Jack answers the phone on the second ring and answers ALL of my questions. We hang up and I talk it over with my wife. The next day I call back with more questions, Jack answers the phone. He walks me through what it will take to install it myself, I take notes, 45 minutes later we hang up. I am pumped and ready to install it myself. I get final support from the wife. The next day I call, the line is busy, I leave a message. I am thinking he is talking at length with another customer. 90 minutes later HE CALLS ME BACK. I order the stove, he tells me everything I need to know including several things I didn't even think about. The stove arrives on time just as Jack said it would. I call a few more times with quick questions. Jack even helped me work though the liner adapter issues to the point of telling what aisle in my local Lowes to find the parts I needed. Who does that?? I ran the stove for three weeks this spring. I can go 7 or 8 days without cleaning out the ashes so I am still happy without an ash pan. It puts out a lot more heat than the old stove ever did. The fan is quite even on the high speed. I have 12 acres of woods with several paths. I cut and split what falls on the paths so I don't always have perfectly seasoned "designer" hardwood. The glass will still smoke up when I put in wood with too much moisture - I don't think you will find a stove that doesn't. I am looking forward to starting the stove back up this fall. If you are thinking of getting a wood stove, you will want to give Jack a call (516) 974-9742. Check out his web site at osburnwoodstoves.com. He will answer all of your questions without ANY pressure. You will quickly see that he really loves his job and is VERY good at it!!
Always nice to hear about GOOD experiences, and dealers that really help their customers.