Outside Air Kit On Harman P61-2

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Mar 27, 2010
Southeastern PA

I have a pretty early P61-2 and I was would like to add an OAK to it before winter. Is there some sort of adapter I need to buy from Harman to do that? I don't see anything listed online, I remember having to buy a kit for my Accentra Insert. Sorry the stove is in a very tight spot so it's difficult to get back there and look, I'm hoping someone knows the answer.


If the air intake is the same as the P61a (most likely), all you need is a 3" flex pipe and a hose clamp. And you will also need a 3" air pass-thru for the wall.
The air intake is 2.75”, you can get an adapter to go to 3” or use a hose clamp/worm clamp and squeeze it on as well…I use a 3” cold air intake meant for a car/truck and it works well.
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Thanks for the help, I'm going to go ahead and order a DT kit from Selkirk and it looks like it includes 3" fresh air hose.