Outside or Inside Add on Wood Boiler for Hydro Air Heat

bobm454 Posted By bobm454, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:54 PM

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  1. bobm454

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    Jun 12, 2014
    I have several questions I hope someone can help with.

    Question 1 - Can someone explain how I would add an outdoor furnace to my existing heating system?

    I have included pictures and an explanation of the system.

    House is 2009 2200 square foot cape with 2 bedrooms on the second floor in the state of Connecticut.
    The unit I'm interested in is an E classic 2400 from Central

    The system is hydro air with a Triangle wall unit burning l/p gas.

    Once the water is heated it goes to:

    Holding tank for domestic hot water thru a zone valve

    Heat exchange mounted in the blower box thru a zone valve

    Attic mounted heat exchange mounted in a blower box for 2nd floor bedrooms thru a zone valve..

    The unit I'm interested in is an E classic 2400 from Central

    Can I use the existing heat exchange that is installed in the blower box and how does the pressure less outside furnace work with the pressurized system in the house currently. I want to be able to switch back to the L/p heat when needed. (I’m thinking I need to add an additional pressure less heat exchange??)

    Previous house had a Jensen 24B add on boiler hooked in the basement to an oil fired conventional Utica boiler. I hook this unit up myself with circulators and zone valves. I’m familiar with all the pros and cons of an "add on" system just trying to understand how this unit hooks into my existing unit.

    Question 2 – If I decided to install an add on boiler inside the basement similar to the Jensen unit, is there a code issue having a wood fired boiler in the basement with an L/p gas unit??

    If this issue has been addressed in the past on this forum please direct me to the links. I searched the forums but did not find what I was looking for.

    Thank you Bob

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  2. maple1

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    Nova Scotia
    Quick input from here: comparing to what you had experience with before, use a flat plate heat exchanger in place of the Jensen. Then tie the EClassic to one side of the FPHX. Some just run that side of the circuit 24/7, some circulate it on demand.

    Don't know on question 2 - but I think others have done that, so I suspect no issue. Confirm locally though.
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